Dexter Resources and Information

American Dexter Cattle Association  U.S.A.

Purebred Dexter Cattle Association of North America  U.S.A.

Dexter Cattle Society  U.K.

Brambledel Dexter Cattle U.K.  Herd Site

Breoch Herd  U.K.  Article on Breoch Herd - Home of Sultan of Breoch 

SMD Beef Carcass Data  U.S.A. Recent beef carcass data from SMD bred/finished beeves 

Dexter Gestation Table U.S.A. Gestation Table from 74 date specific breedings at SMD

Good Dexter Udder  U.S.A.  Silver Maple Dexters

Milking a Dexter Cow U.S.A. Article by dexter owner that milks for household (pdf)

References on A1 - A2 Milk and human health  [most with abstract or public link] (pdf)

Fact Sheet on Raw Milk Use and Safety U.S.A. - Document on Raw Milk Use by Center for Rural Affairs, Hartington Nebraska

Judging Dual Purpose Cattle - Chapter from Charles S.  Plumb's Judging Farm Animals, 1916 (pdf)

Dexter Cattle For Sale  U.K. Site of internationally used bulletin board on Dexters

Rawlings & Kirup Park Dexter Studs - AU Site of two Dexter Studs in Australia with good information


                          What We Need Is Here
                                            Geese appear high over us,
                                            pass, and the sky closes.
                                            Abandon, as in love or sleep,
                                            holds them to their way,
                                            clear in the ancient faith:
                                            what we need is here.
                                            And we pray, not for new earth or heaven,
                                            but to be quiet in heart, and in eye, clear.
                                            What we need is here.           
                                                                     Wendell Berry