Silver Maple Dexter Sales

Our goal is to provide you with excellent, sustainable, dual-purpose stock in the best condition and health possible.   This ensures both your satisfaction in your new stock and ours in knowing SMD stock are doing well for you. 

Ideally we like to make our stock available for purchase between 8 and 14 months of age for both heifers and bull calves.  

Our calves are weaned between 6 and 7 months of age at which time, if not previously, they are haltered trained.   All yearling heifers and bulls purchased from Silver Maple Dexters will be haltered trained.   Bull calves sold as breeding bulls will be dehorned (unless prearranged with buyer that prefers horned) and nose ringed.  

Silver Maple Dexters are vaccinated according to the health requirements of the state of Nebraska and recommendations from our veterinary.  These vaccinations may include:
    • IBR (infectious bovine rhino-tracheitis)
    • BVD (bovine viral diarrhea)
    • PI-3 (parainfluenza-3)
    • 7-way Clostridia vaccine
    • Leptospirosis (5 strain)
    • Brucellosis
    • Wormed (bi-annual)

 When you purchase Silver Maple Dexter registered stock we provide you with the following:

   • Payment of registration transfers in the Dexter Association of your choice (ADCA or PDCA)
    • Nebraska Certificate of Health and record of vaccinations by veterinary
    • Silver Maple Dexter Sales Agreement
    • And most important an excellent dual-purpose SMD Irish Dexter!