smdtree.jpg    Silver Maple Dexter Breeding Program 

Silver Maple Dexter Breeding Program Principle Statement:

SMD's goal is to produce purebred Dexter cattle that provide meat and milk in a small, efficient animal
for the small acreage farmer, acreage owner, or homesteader.

   SMD Dexters over waterGlory & Hoot Training

SMD has operationalized this goal by production traits and conformation/type traits:
       Production traits:
          1) cows are capable of average daily milk production over a 210 day lactation of 25  pounds (3 gallons)  of 4% butter fat milk or better, when fed for household milk production.
          2) cows produce male offspring that will consistently finish to 500 lb carcass, at 60-65% cutout of choice or better beef in 18 to 19 months with a 60 day, light, finish ration.  

     Conformation/Type traits: 
         1) consistently produce offspring that meet conformational quality as set forth by the Dexter Classification - scoring 85 (Good Plus) or better. 
      2) consistently produce offspring that are easily trained and accept the milk cow role.
         3) offspring produced consistently present a balanced and pleasing appearance indicative of their dual-purpose function.

SMD has identified specific trait maintenance and trait improvement areas to further our breeding program towards these outcomes:

      Breeding Program Trait Maintenance
      Maternal instincts in heifers
        Docile and “friendly” temperament
        High fertility
        Depth of barrel, spring of rib, and overall capacity.
     Breeding Program Target Improvement Areas
         • Improve Udder Attachment
       • Improve Teat Size and Placement
       • Improve Heel Depth
       • Improve Quarter Fleshing

SMD Pella Ceti

Stay Home
               I will wait here in the field
                   to see how well the rain
                    brings on the grass.
                In the labor of the fields
                    longer than a man’s life
                    I am at home.
                Do not come with me.
                You stay home too.
                               Wendell Berry